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Downtown-Central Austin Physical Therapist Team

DOC Austin Physical Therapist Robert KillebrewROBERT KILLEBREW

Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT

Robert received his bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Texas with a minor in business. While on a full athletic scholarship at Texas, he was lucky enough to play during the winning 2005 college football National Championship campaign. Following graduation, he traveled the country training as a professional athlete and supplementing his sports performance education. In 2015 Robert received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine with an emphasis on manual therapy. He continues his post-doctoral education in orthopedics and human performance.

Robert prides himself on providing excellent care to his clients along the entire continuum of recovery. Starting immediately after surgery until the client can return to doing what they want and love. Using conventional and unconventional methods based on research and evidence, he quickly reduces pain, improves function and increases durability. Robert strives to help his patients by optimizing movement and performance. He believes through mindful practice of proper movement the human experience can be fully appreciated.

Robert lives in Austin with his wife Kristin, and daughter. Where they enjoy live music, great food, working on his classic truck and all that the great city of Austin has to offer.

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