Stem Cell Therapy

What are stem cells?

Stem cells live in your bone marrow and are able to change into any cell type. Once changed, these cells can produce bone, cartilage, ligament or tendon tissue. They are able to grow into, change into, and produce any type of cell type or chemical in your body (i.e. they are pleuripotent), and are the ‘parent cells’ of all other cell types in the body.

Where do stem cells come from?

Stem cells are harvested from your bone marrow – typically from the pelvis (iliaccrest).

What conditions do they treat?

Recent studies have shown that stem cells can be injected into fractures to result in bone healing, tendons to help repairs heal, and more recently, can help cartilage heal and regenerate in the knee! We believe that stem cells are ideal to help treat rotator cuff problems, tendonitis, ligament injuries that are treated surgically (like ACL tears), and especially cartilage damage from osteoarthritis.

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