See How the CEO of Elite Facility Systems Came to Love DOC!

Posted October 13th, 2017

Tricia, what is Elite Facility Systems?

Elite Facility Systems is an infection control and prevention company.  We ensure that emergency rooms and other client facilities are safe from germs and infection, and that proper protocols are followed to maintain compliance.


How did you come to need DOC?

Well, I’ve had over 60 surgeries and numerous orthopedic issues, all stemming from my Crohn’s disease. I had a painful knee flare-up occur on a Saturday afternoon and I needed it drained.  I was expected to be in an emergency room working with a client later that day for a 12-hour shift.  Unfortunately, my usual orthopedic practice was closed and I really didn’t want to go to the ER, as I knew it would take hours (which I didn’t have).


What did you discover when you visited DOC?

My first thought was, wow! I was amazed.  I do infection prevention for a living, so I was totally blown-away by how wonderfully clean DOC was. Second; I was impressed by how friendly and efficient the experience was. I was in and out in a fraction of the time of the ER, at about one-tenth of the cost that I’d normally pay for this same procedure at an ER.  Trust me, I know.


As a business owner, why do you think DOC is good alternative to the ER for employees?

Providing employee health insurance is expensive for any company. I do think that employers should be articulating to their staff that there are effective options beyond the excessive time and expense of the ER.

I’ve got to believe this is the model that healthcare needs to be going into, and I say that again because of my experience as a patient, employer, and as somebody who works in healthcare.


I was truly impressed with how I was treated at DOC.  I didn’t lose a single workday because I could get in and out so quickly…which is valuable to anyone. So, thank you very much!


Tricia Holderman is Owner, President and CEO of Elite Facility Systems and its subsidiaries
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