Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Direct Orthopedic Care (DOC)?

Direct Orthopedic Care or DOC, is an Orthopedic Urgent Access Clinic. The clinic has extended hours, is staffed by Orthopedic specialists, and accepts walk-in guests 7-days a week.

Why Would I Choose DOC Over An Emergency Room (ER)?

The DOC clinics are conveniently located and save patients time and money by having immediate access to orthopedic specialists that will treat the injuries while charging the same rates as a regular doctor’s office visit. In essence, high quality care with immediate availability for a significantly lower cost means patients are gaining everything and sacrificing nothing by visiting DOC.

Does DOC Accept Insurance As Well As Self-Pay?

DOC is the most affordable option for anyone with an orthopedic injury. We strive to be in-network with most all insurance plans including Medicare. We also offer bundled, transparent pricing for self-pay patients. At this time, we do not accept Medicaid in Texas. If you have questions about your insurance, simply contact one of our Guest Care Coordinators @ 855.921.0799 (Mon-Fri) or contact your nearest DOC clinic.

Why Does An ER Cost So Much More Than DOC?

Hospital and Free-Standing ER’s charge higher rates and are allowed by law to charge facility fees that can range from a few hundred dollars to over $10,000 for a single visit. This fee is made even worse since the patient is then referred to an orthopedic specialist, like DOC, to treat the actual injury.

Why Do ER’s Refer To Patients To Outside Orthopedic Specialists?

ER physicians are typically trauma specialists who stabilize an injury and then refer the patient to a specialist for treatment. Since most orthopedic injuries are ‘non-life threatening’, orthopedic doctors are not on-site at the ER and request a patient make an appointment with them to treat their injury (scheduling can take weeks from this point).

What Is The Typical Wait Time At DOC?

There is typically no wait and patients can either walk-in to be seen or call ahead and make an appointment. DOC is significantly quicker than sitting in an ER waiting room, but the real time-savings is being seen by an orthopedic specialist immediately at DOC. An ER is going to refer to a specialist, like DOC, so making us your first stop helps to streamline the process, eliminate the middleman, and get injuries treated without delay.

How Much Money Can I Save With A Visit To DOC Vs. The Hospital ER?

Each patient’s visit to an ER is unique. And with such, each patient’s bill will vary. Consult with your healthcare benefits provider or insurance company for local ER estimates. However, because DOC offers the lowest co-pays possible and doesn’t charge a facility fee, DOC is always the more affordable option.

Do I Need To Make An Appointment?

Appointments are not necessary. However, scheduling an appointment in advance can help reduce your overall visit time, as we do get busy.