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Life after Joint Replacement Surgery

May 10, 2019
Illustration of human joints.

Most people are able to perform daily activities more easily after joint replacement surgery. They enjoy an improved quality of life that includes less pain, and improved motion and strength that would not have been possible otherwise.   “The best reason to have a joint replacement is for pain relief. During a joint replacement, the diseased cartilage and bone are removed, which eliminates the pain. The second best reason to have joint replacement surgery is to improve the function of the joint,” explains Dr. Sean Hassinger, orthopedic surgeon at Direct Orthopedic Care.   A study published in Arthritis & Rheumatism indicates which patients benefit most from joint replacement. Factors that made a difference for better outcomes include:

  • Intense pre-surgical pain
  • One arthritic or injured hip or knee
  • General good health with no other medical conditions
  • Osteoarthritis rather than inflammatory types of arthritis
  • Motivation for rehabilitation and recovery

  Your condition, surgery and recovery are unique. Typically, guests who have had joint replacement surgery return to normal daily activities and function well. The DOC surgeon and physical therapist may advise you against high-impact activities such as running, jogging, jumping, or other high-impact sports after joint replacement surgery. Realistic activities include walking, swimming, golfing, hiking, biking, and other low-impact sports.   For more information on total joint replacement surgery, visit Do You Need a Total Joint Replacement?

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Factors That Influence Total Joint Surgery Success | Arthritis Foundation

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