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May 14, 2019
Casual shot of Jay McVay in his home.

Some times things just hurt for no apparent reason, like Jay’s knee. He can’t figure out a cause other then getting on or off the couch. The pain was below the kneecap. He waited a week before searching for an orthopedic practice to diagnose and provide treatment for his knee. During the week, he suffered while going up the stairs to his second floor home and while walking at work. He looked online, read DOC reviews, and noticed that the vast majority were “all positive about the level of care received.” DOC was in-network so Jay booked an online appointment, “a breeze.” The young lady at the front desk was an “absolute sweetheart.” She noticed that Jay was in pain and came to him for copies of his insurance card and a simple check-in process via an iPad. Jay muses: “Who does that anymore? It was really considerate, as I didn’t ask for assistance. Than I had X-rays and saw Dr. Steve who was welcoming, personable and empathetic to my concerns and pain.” In order to confirm a diagnosis of possible patellar tendon tears, Jay had an MRI the same day. An MRI scan creates images of soft tissues and shows the amount of tendon torn and the location of the tear. The patellar tendon attaches the bottom of the kneecap (patella) to the top of the shinbone (tibia). The patellar tendon works with the muscles in the front of the thigh to straighten the leg. Small tears of the tendon can make it difficult to walk, climb stairs and participate in other daily activities.To Top Jay’s patellar tendon tears required nonsurgical treatment. He left DOC with pain medications and wearing a knee brace to keep the knee straight to help it heal. He began a physical therapy regimen with Nishal Patel, DPT, at DOC to learn and practice specific exercises to restore his strength and range of motion. Jay endorses DOC: “I was pleased to find such a specialized clinic and not have to go through the rigmarole of having to be referred to a specialist with multiple appointments. Everything I needed was in one location and DOC found out exactly what was wrong with the joint. After comparing DOC’s fees to urgent care centers and the emergency room, it is a no brainer to see them for any type of issues relating to neck, back, elbow, knee, wrist, or ankle. Really nice folks and I highly recommend to anyone seeking this type of treatment.”

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