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Should I Choose Direct Orthopedic Care or Go to the ER for a Foot Injury?

January 31, 2022

Unexpected foot injuries such as a fracture, tendon tear, or muscle strain / sprain can be quite scary, and often due to sheer panic, we immediately think we should head to the ER. If it’s a life threatening emergency, then you should definitely head to the ER. However, though painful, orthopedic injuries are generally non-life threatening.   With a foot injury or other orthopedic-related trauma, there are many reasons why getting specific orthopedic care is a smarter choice.

ER Waiting Times for a Foot Injury Often Waste Your Time

We’ve all been there or heard the tales – you get to the ER, and the waiting room is completely full. We sign in only to find we have hours to wait to see a provider for care. You may get through triage quickly, but you won’t see a healthcare provider any time soon. That’s not all. You often have to wait until someone is available to run tests, such as blood work, X-rays, and maybe CAT scans, too. 

With Direct Orthopedic Care, you are quickly seen by a musculoskeletal specialist and don’t have to wait in a long line of people with more severe injuries than you, especially when you feel like your pain and injury are much more severe than anyone else’s. 

Here at Direct Orthopedic Care, or DOC, you can walk – or hop, wheel, or roll – right in for urgent orthopedic treatment. Our average wait time for walk-ins is under an hour, whereas it’s anywhere from 2.25 to 4 hours in an emergency room.

Hospital Bills Can Be More Traumatic Than the Injury

Hospitals are infamous for hidden charges and, oftentimes, multiple bills. Good luck finding someone who can explain or justify a confusing billing!

With DOC, typically all charges are contained in a single bill.  Our standard of care ensures that we discuss your estimated charges, prior to treatment at the time of service.  And, with DOC, since we are the specialists,  you are given a bill directly with no hidden fees. Plus, finding someone helpful to explain things you may not understand regarding your insurance contributions isn’t difficult at all, especially here at DOC, where we offer urgent care for foot injuries and other trauma / conditions. 

In fact, we use our proprietary software, the DOCstimator to estimate how much your treatment will cost BEFORE you consent to it. Don’t be traumatized by hospital bills after a traumatic injury ever again!

Skip the Middleman, Because You’ll Be Referred to an Orthopedic Specialist Anyway

ER doctors are typically limited with the care they can provide. There may or may not be an orthopedic specialist on call. This means you not only could possibly receive incorrect information, but that in the end, you’ll be referred to a specialist anyway outside the ER. You’ll not only be wasting time , but money too!

Speaking of Money – Spend Yours Wisely on Direct Orthopedic Care

Insurance is a tricky business, and if you choose a hospital outside of your network, that is a lot of out-of-pocket expense for you. By choosing an orthopedic specialist in your network, you’ll save so much money in the long run. You’ll have better coverage if you choose a specialist over an ER visit, and for most insurance companies, follow-up visits are covered. 

You May Even Be Able to Choose TeleHealth for Urgent Orthopedic Care, a Great Option for After-Hours Injuries

TeleHealth has become a popular way to see your doctor without having to leave home, and Direct Orthopedic Care (DOC) offers exceptional TeleHealth care. You can stay off your foot / feet and see a doctor at the same time!  Our TeleHealth clinic is open 7 days a week from 6pm-10pm. Give our TeleHealth service a chance before heading to the emergency room, and get the answers you need immediately. 

Here’s Why Choosing Direct Orthopedic Care Makes the Most Sense When It Comes to Dollar and Cents

Direct Orthopedic Care is staffed with Board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons and specialty-trained physician assistants (PAs) There isn’t a musculoskeletal problem we can’t handle!

We never charge outrageous facility fees or send you unexpected bills. And at DOC, typically you can expect an 80% savings with us compared to a hospital visit alone, but you may save even more on follow-up visits. 

Our goal is high-quality health care without the high price and without the wait. So, before you head to the ER, give us a call at 855-921-0799 or stop into one of our locations 7 days a  week and let us save you money, plus time, your most precious asset of all! For more information on the cost of care, click here.

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