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Bone Fractures

Bone Fractures

A broken bone is the same as a fracture. It can be caused by a fall, a car accident, sports injuries, or osteoporosis, when bones weaken from aging. The hallmarks of a broken bone are swelling, warm bruising, redness, tenderness to the touch, weakness, “pop” at the time of the injury, and severe pain. Deformity is another obvious sign. 

If suffering with symptoms of a broken bone, a DOC orthopedic surgeon needs to examine the injury, discuss all symptoms with the guest, and order X-rays to view images of dense structures, bone, for a possible fracture. Fractured bones must be set in their proper place and held there in order to heal properly. Some fractures can be stabilized with immobilization. Serious fractures may require open reduction, surgical repositioning, using pins, plates, screws, and rods to hold the fracture in position to heal. 

Bone fractures can also be assisted in healing with the use of regenerative medicine orthobiologic applications.

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