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5 Ways to Persuade Your Loved One to Seek the Orthopedic Care They Need

March 1, 2021
Orthopedic Care

It is so hard watching a loved one deal with persistent pain or a chronic condition such as an overuse injury, especially if they are hard to convince to see a specialist. Fear of doctor visits and the subsequent treatments often keep many out of an orthopedic office after a fall injury, ongoing arthritis / joint pain, or other concern.

A new concern has arisen in the last year as well – fear of the novel and deadly COVID-19 virus, which is keeping many from seeking essential orthopedic care that can not only help them feel better, but prevent issues down the line as well. These unprecedented times have found people sheltering in place and often afraid to seek the proper medical care during the pandemic, even though it is typically less of a risk to do so than avoid necessary treatment. So, how can you urge your loved one to seek the orthopedic care they need?


Here Are 5 Tips to Help Persuade Your Friend or Family Member to See an Orthopedic Specialist

1.     Approach your loved one with care and compassion.

Their feelings are real. Though that doesn’t mean they should avoid treatment, you should be understanding and caring. Listen to their feelings and concerns. Let them know how much you care about them and offer the benefits of seeking treatment instead of focusing on the negatives of avoiding treatment. For example, saying things like, “If you treat your torn meniscus and are no longer in pain, we can enjoy our evening walks again.”


2.     Ask questions to figure out why they’re avoiding the orthopedic doctor.

Uncover the reasons, and you may find that there may be multiple contributors to they’re avoiding a trip to the orthopedic doctor. Perhaps, they’re afraid they’ll need surgery. Or, they’re worried they won’t find a good doctor. Maybe, they’re fearful that the consultation will be painful. Listen attentively and offer your support.

Remind them that the initial visit is just a consultation and nothing has to be done. If they’re having trouble finding a good doctor offer to help research options for an excellent orthopedic doctor in their area. Many conditions can be treated without surgery. However,  to find out the treatment options, it’s necessary to first make an appointment.


3.     Remind them of how important they are to you, and don’t use guilt to control them.

Remember, this person is a loved one. Reminding them of how much they mean to you, hopefully, can gently nudge them to commit to seeking the care they need. Note: Guilt is the wrong tactic! Making the person feel badly or defensive is only going to hurt your case and possibly your relationship.


4.     Reassure them that there are plenty of non-surgical treatment options now available.

If fear of surgery is their biggest issue, do some research and reassure them that orthopedics and pain management have come a long way! New advances in treatments make it possible to avoid surgery in many cases.

Doctors who specialize in orthopedics and pain management have more options these days. Some of these include interventional procedures such as epidural steroid injections; nerve blocks; and radiofrequency nerve ablations, depending on their condition. For some conditions, non-invasive options like physical therapy can reduce pain and improve or restore mobility. And, when surgery is necessary, oftentimes the orthopedic procedure is out-patient and requires minimal downtime.

Another facet of the multidisciplinary approach to pain management is psychological counseling. According to Board-certified pain medicine specialist, Dr. Brannon Frank at Direct Orthopedic Care (DOC), this can “help people understand their pain and help them cope with it better. This ultimately can help them get through life with their issues.” Whether psychological counseling is prescribed, or not, can be discussed with your provider. 


5.     Let them know that consultations with an orthopedic specialist are convenient and pain-free.

At DOC, our specialists are available seven days a week. Our provider team is solely focused upon successful outcomes and start by listening to come up with a customize plan for care that is palatable for the patient.  Says Dr. Frank, “Our doctors and physician assistants evaluate you from a physical exam standpoint to really figure out what’s causing your pain. We never pressure guests into any unnecessary treatments, and consultations to help get to the root cause of the condition and explain treatment options are 100% painless!”


If you’ve successfully convinced your loved one to seek orthopedic care in Texas or Oklahoma, have them visit the experienced team at Direct Orthopedic Care. We carefully examine the condition and offer viable treatment solutions that our guests are comfortable with. To find a DOC location near you visit!

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