Pain Management

Pain Management

Pain can be caused by surgery, injury, nerve damage, metabolic problems (such as diabetes), or without any obvious cause at all. The complexities of pain create a special need for physicians knowledgeable in the physiology of pain as well as the skill to treat that pain.

DOC pain management care may include specialized testing to diagnosis your pain issues. Once properly diagnosed, our pain specialists will present a treatment plan with a multi-disciplinary approach. Plans can range from prescription medications and injection therapy to a combination of interventional procedures and psychological, regenerative, complementary, and physical therapies.

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Common Causes & Types of Pain

Common injuries and disorders that may cause pain and chronic pain include back and neck conditions, arthritis, joint pain, and inflammatory diseases. Chronic pain from back and neck disorders, arthritis, joint dysfunction, and inflammatory diseases can be debilitating and limit quality of life. DOC pain management specialists strive to control pain, return the guest to the highest level of functioning and independence, and maintain or improve quality of life.

Treatments & Conditions

The DOC Pain Management team believes that education about pain conditions and treatment options is among the first steps to understanding pain. Our, minimally invasive procedures are a vital part of interventional pain management and can be found in the Knowledge Center section of our website. To learn more about any condition or treatment, simply click on a link below. DOC’s Knowledge Center will offer a variety of articles, testimonials, blog posts and informational videos to help you better understand your pain and how we can help treat it.

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