Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

DOC physical therapists (PTs) create treatment plans to promote mobility, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. Our therapists have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions involving the neck, spine, shoulders, pelvis, joints, and upper and lower extremities.

For individuals with acute injuries, the therapist provides you with strategies to protect the injured area, reduce the likelihood of further injury and accelerate healing. The DOC orthopedic surgical team recognizes the therapeutic benefits of this conservative care approach.

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What to Expect at Your First Appointment

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Physical Therapy Techniques

DOC Physical Therapists employ the latest, proven physical therapy techniques to help speed your recovery. Our PT staff is continually assessing which techniques are providing the best results for our guests.

Treatment types range from traditional to more modern and innovative. As each guest’s injury or condition is unique, your DOC Physical Therapist may design a custom strategy that employs a number of these healing techniques.

What to expect from DOC physical therapy

Why Do I Need Physical Therapy?

The primary reason for physical therapy is to relieve pain. Pain can be due to an acute injury, meaning something traumatic and recent, such as an ankle sprain, a strained muscle causing pain with movement, a fracture, or a torn ligament. Pain can also be due to a chronic injury, such as pain in your shoulder, neck, back, knee, or hip that may have started months or years ago, but has progressively worsened.

When the discomfort or pain has started to affect your everyday activities, seek physical therapy treatment. Everyday activities can simply mean dressing yourself without pain, working or sitting in a classroom comfortably, and sleeping through the night. If you are not able to do the things you want or need to do, physical therapy may be the best option for relief.

Physical therapists want to get you back to living a pain-free life.

What to Wear for Physical Therapy?

Physical therapists can understand your injury or chronic condition when they can see and physically and thoroughly examine the area.

For example, if your knee is injured, shorts or loose fitting pants allow access to the knee. For neck or shoulder issues, a tank top or loose shirt allows the physical therapist to examine and treat that area.

What If I Don't Own Workout Clothes?

All DOC PT locations have gowns available and private rooms where you can remove the garments necessary for the therapist to access the area for treatment.

What Should I Expect From Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is individualized, meaning rehabilitation and recovery is primarily based on you. Physical therapists work under the premise that no two bodies are the same, which complicates giving an exact timeline for recovery. The type and extent of your injury and your personal goals for therapy play a vital role in your rehabilitation.

DOC's physical therapists work with you to find beneficial treatments to relieve your symptoms and pain. They educate you about ways to self-manage your pain and recovery. The goal of PT is to help you reach your wellness goals.

How Are Various Diagnoses Determined/What Is A Typical Assessment Protocol?

Research shows that 80% of diagnoses made by physical therapists come from the interview or history portion of the exam. Physical therapists are trained to ask appropriate questions during the exam to understand your symptoms and provide an accurate diagnosis.

The objective or evaluation portion of the exam includes:

  • Range of motion
  • Measurements of motion
  • Special tests to confirm the diagnosis
  • Functional movement screens to assess body movement
  • Balance testing
  • Palpation tests for tenderness, tightness, pain, or discomfort

Following the evaluation, the DOC physical therapist discusses the diagnosis with you, answers your questions, and creates a comprehensive treatment plan based on your goals for physical therapy!

How Do PTs And DOC Work Together?

Our PT’s examine each individual as ‘a whole’ in collaboration with the DOC health care team and patient.

Together, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan aimed at reducing pain, improving and promoting mobility in addition to restoring function and preventing disability.

What Training Is Required To Become A Physical Therapist?

Today’s physical therapists are required to receive a doctorate degree from an accredited physical therapy program before taking the national licensure exam. Throughout the three years of post-graduate training at a physical therapy program, student physical therapists spend 80% of their curriculum learning and understanding the human body with courses in anatomy, biomechanics, pathology physiology, pharmacology, radiology, neurology and orthopedics. Students spend the next 20% in clinical rotations at a variety of settings before becoming an entry-level practitioner.

DOC physical therapists are life-long learners meaning after receiving a degree, our physical therapists pursue continuing education courses in a variety of techniques and current physical therapy research. We believe it is important that our therapists keep up-to-date as technology and research keeps evolving and changing.

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