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Reba’s Out-of-Joint Knee
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Reba’s Out-of-Joint Knee

June 6, 2017
Reba posing outside.

Reba had ongoing knee issues that worsened over time. The knee joint is formed between the bones of the lower leg, the tibia and the fibula, and the thighbone, the femur. A healthy joint glides easily without pain because a smooth, elastic tissue called articular cartilage covers the ends of the bones that make up the joint.

Reba has a serious case of osteoarthritis. The cartilage that covers the ends of bones in the knee joint is worn away so knee joint motion is painful and her knee is inflamed.

Reba discovered DOC and wanted to try this new immediate access orthopedic care without an expensive facility fee. She could have gone to the ER, but did not want the hassle or expense of that option. Also, Reba has some history with Dr. Merritt Pember, an orthopedic surgeon with DOC. When he was a physician at Ft. Hood, Dr. Pember operated on Reba’s friend with a positive outcome.

Dr. Manderson, an orthopedic surgeon associate of Dr. Pember at DOC, examined Reba’s knee. Her X-rays showed the extent of joint deterioration. Dr. Manderson gave her a painless cortisone shot after using a topical numbing agent. Reba enjoyed relief from pain and inflammation and says that she is “better over all, but knows that it is not long term.”

Reba is a schoolteacher and needs to manage the pain and inflammation until the end of the school year before considering surgery. In the meantime, if the pain returns, there are other treatment options to help her manage pain and stay active. People with osteoarthritis have a lower-than-normal concentration of hyaluronic acid in their joints. Hyaluronic acid lubricates the joints. Viscosupplementation with hyaluronic acid injected into her arthritic knee joint may improve her motion and reduce her pain.

If these treatments do not stop the pain or lose their effectiveness, Reba plans to schedule surgery for a total knee replacement when school is out for the summer in order to be ready for the next school year. Her orthopedic surgeons at Direct Orthopedic Care will provide the same high-quality surgery and aftercare Reba knows from experience.

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