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DOC Saves Time for Busy Moms

December 20, 2017
Busy mom with two fighting children in the background.

Between doctor appointments, carpools, activities, work, and errands, it’s tough for busy moms to get everything done in a day. The reality is, life can be chaotic. Direct Orthopedic Care, DOC, wants to make your life less hectic by creating easy access to orthopedic help to save you precious time and money, too. For many families with multiple growing children, a home away from home may be in the doctor’s office or the ER.


According to a study from Safe Kids Worldwide, over 1.35 million children in the U.S. are treated in ERs each year due to sports injuries, one child every 25 seconds.


It’s expensive to go to the ER. It’s expensive to take off from work and it’s a hassle to get all of the children in the car and go to the doctor or ER. For any orthopedic injury or chronic condition, the least expensive and hassle-free choice is DOC. DOC does not charge a facility fee like an ER or freestanding ER. DOC has orthopedic experts who can actually diagnose and treat an orthopedic issue immediately. Typically you wait for a referral from the ER or general practitioner to see an orthopedist. You save time and multiple visits to doctors by coming to DOC first. DOC accommodates your busy schedule with evening and weekend hours to eliminate taking time off of work to see the orthopedic surgeon or PA.   Since you or your children receive immediate orthopedic treatment, the healing process also begins immediately and recovery time is shortened.  


To expedite your visit to DOC:

  • Bring a copy of your medical records if you have already seen another doctor or orthopedic surgeon.

  • Bring CD or films of any X-rays, CTs or MRIs to avoid repeating studies.

  • Prepare to discuss the details of your injury or condition.

  • Bring your insurance card.


In the U.S., we have an average of 2 children per family. Sixty-one percent of moms work outside of the home and 86% of those moms “frequently feel stressed.” DOC can eliminate the stress of orthopedic care and save you time and money.

For more information on the cost of care, click here.


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