Arthritis is the number one cause of disability. Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Other common arthritis conditions are gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus.

Although there is no cure for arthritic joint pain, there are many treatment options available. After discussing symptoms and medical history, the DOC orthopedic specialist will examine the affected joint(s), checking for weakness, tenderness, range of motion, injuries, crepitus, and pain. X-ray imaging is available at every DOC location to provide detailed images of dense structures, like bone, and to help determine the type of arthritis.

As with other arthritic conditions, initial treatment of arthritis is nonsurgical: rest, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and corticosteroid injections.

Additionally, the use of Regenerative Medicine Orthobiologics may decrease inflammation and provide long-lasting pain relief. Further, these treatments are proving to have positive effects in regeneration of cartilage cells.

If pain persists, the condition causes disability, and is not relieved with nonsurgical options, surgery may be warranted. 

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