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July 5, 2018
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Dr. Chris Hall graduated from the University of Colorado Health Science Center and completed his residency at Brooke Army Medical Center. Dr. Hall is an orthopedic surgeon at the DOC Round Rock, Texas, location, specializing in general orthopedics with advanced training in sports medicine. He is one of the leading physicians in Austin for regenerative medicine procedures, including platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapies.


Stem cells are the foundation of development in humans. They work as an internal repair system, dividing without limit to replenish many different cell types. Stem cells come from a guest’s own bone marrow, which is typically harvested from the pelvis. A laser sorter separates stem cells from other kinds of cells in order to have pure, usable stem cells. The purified stem cells are injected into the damaged joint with growth factors to promote stem cells to turn into new tissue in several months. Insertion is not a surgical procedure, but an injection.


One of Dr. Hall’s guests suffered a fall and serious injury. Robert was at a church campout with his daughter. They went for a walk before breakfast and he slipped in the mud and rolled down the only hill in Texas. Something snapped that sounded like a gunshot. The ER took X-rays and sent them to Dr. Hall, who diagnosed Robert with a torn quadriceps tendon. They discussed stem cell injections to help him heal faster. Dr. Hall removed the stem cells from Robert’s hip and injected them into both knees while he was in surgery and under anesthesia to repair the quadriceps tendon. Robert champions stem cell therapy: “As for the stem cell injections, I would do it again. It made a tremendous difference in the healing process. You have a higher quality surgery and a faster recovery time. There’s no downside.” Dr. Hall is a pioneer and one of the leading physicians in Texas for regenerative medicine procedures, including stem cell therapies and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Not only does he receive accolades for regenerative medicine procedures, but also for orthopedic surgical care.  


5 Star Review, April 2018: Dr. Hall is Fantastic

“I broke my collarbone and went to see Dr. Hall. He recommended surgery and was able to get me in for the surgery 3 days later. He did a fantastic job! I felt 100 times better afterward and my healing is rapidly progressing. Thank you, Dr. Hall!”

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