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DOC Relieves Eli’s Pain

January 9, 2020
DOC patient, Eli.

When Eli was 13 years old, a semi-truck hit the family car in Puerto Rico.  Eli was seriously injured, which required multiple surgeries, including a spine fusion and femoral fracture repair. A femur fracture is almost always the result of high impact trauma due to the force needed to break the femur, the strongest and longest bone in the body.


Eli has been in pain for years and in serious pain for the last several years, walking at an uneven gait to compensate for the pain. Eli is a high-demand hair stylist in Austin at the Art of Eli studio and on his feet 12 to 14 hours a day. The pain was so severe that when he finished work, he had to lie down.


Eli’s chiropractor referred him to Dr. Brannon Frank at DOC. He did not expect relief. Surprise! Dr. Frank listened to Eli’s history and with X-rays and ultrasound images encouraged Eli to postpone surgery and benefit from a corticosteroid left hip injection for pain relief. Eli explains: “I thought I had to get surgery as soon as possible. Dr. Frank wanted to try that shot with me first. Right now I don’t need the surgery because I feel so great. The immediate concern was the pain and he took that away. Three days after my visit the pain was gone. I got my life back. I can be more efficient for my family, wife and daughter, and my work. I can stand up working for 12 to 14 hours and can do my job, my passion.”


When Eli was a young man in Puerto Rico, he loved to cut hair for family and friends. He worked as a property manager and studied computer science and business administration. He followed his passion for hair styling to Texas.


Now that he is back in full capacity at work, his fellow stylists are commenting that he walks differently. Eli tells them: “My pain is gone. That’s why I am walking different.” Eli recommends DOC to his clients and coworkers. He tells them to “visit my doctor. I have not been without pain for years. The results are top notch.”


Eli describes his overall experience at DOC: “Everyone knows my name. I see their happy, smiling faces right now. They care for me and closely follow my case. I recommend DOC to everyone. If you have pain, you need to visit my doctor for sure.”

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