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Neuro Muscular Reeducation

Neuro Muscular Reeducation

The goal of neuromuscular reeducation activities is to retrain a body part to perform a task that the body part was previously able to accomplish. Pain, inflammation and swelling due to injury, disease or surgery can lead to loss of neural muscular control and abnormal movement.

DOC neuromuscular reeducation physical therapy consists of manual techniques and activities all about balance, core control, and therapeutic exercises in order to redevelop normal, controlled movement patterns. The goal is to retrain the nerve signals and rebuild muscle memory through repeated, movement patterns. The repetition reestablishes and reeducates the nervous system so a guest experiences movement patterns that do not have abnormalities. Redeveloping normal movement patterns and functional capabilities occurs if the nervous system is in control of the musculoskeletal system.

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