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Bone and Tissue Transplants and Grafts

Bone grafting, or transplanting of bone and tissue, is a surgical procedure to fix bones or joints that are damaged from trauma, disease, infection, or degeneration. It is useful for growing bone around an implanted device, such as a total knee replacement. A bone graft may fill an area where bone is absent or help to provide structural stability.

Bone or tissue transplanted from one part of a person's body, typically the ribs, hips, or pelvis, to another part is called an autograft. Bone or tissue transplanted from the deceased body of one person to another person is called an allograft. Allografts are commonly used in hip, knee, or long bone reconstruction, arms and legs.

The type of graft used depends on the necessary surgical repair. The graft is held in place using screws, pins, plates, wires, and/or cables. The transplanted bone or soft tissue graft, if the body accepts it, provides a framework for new, living bone or soft tissue and help the joint to become a functional unit.

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