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Neck and Spine Repair

The spine has three natural curves. Maintaining the natural alignment of these curves assists with cushioning and stabilizing the spine and protects the delicate neurological system within the spine. Causes of spine and neck injuries are trauma, sports injuries, car accidents, and falls. Degenerative disc disease can result in pressure on the nerves running through the spinal cord, causing pain, numbness and weakness radiating into the shoulders, arms, hands, and legs.

The collaborative goal of the DOC physical therapists and the orthopedic spine specialists is to decrease pain, restore function, increase strength, and normalize spinal alignment. Nonsurgical treatment options to prevent or reduce back pain include physical therapy, regenerative medicine and pain management.

If nonsurgical treatments fail to alleviate a guest’s pain and everyday activities are difficult or impossible, it may be time to further consult with DOC’s orthopedic surgeon. Surgery is considered if the exact anatomic cause of the pain is known, such as a herniated disc or spinal stenosis. Based on a comprehensive examination and imaging, the surgeon and guest will discuss surgical options for relief.

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