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Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping is a technique based on the common practice of Chinese cupping therapy. The cups are designed to use pressure to pull the skin, tissue and muscles upward to stimulate blood flow to an injured area. With increased blood flow, the toxins or waste surrounding the area are removed promoting increased healing.
There are two different types of Cupping used at Direct Orthopedic Care:

1. Static Cupping
2. Dynamic Cupping

Static cupping therapy is when the cups are left on the body for a certain period of time and used for localized problems. Dynamic cupping is when cups are placed on the body and moved and used for whole body stimulation and release of muscle tension.


What are the benefits?

Cupping Therapy is a versatile technique that complements many health modalities and manual therapy techniques. It provides a number of benefits that result in pain relief by:

  1. Releasing trigger points
  2. Rehydrating the injured tissue
  3. Returning oxygen and blood to injured tissue while removing the toxin and waste
  4. Decompression of tight muscles
  5. Decreasing swelling and edema by improving circulation


Why is it important to remove these ‘toxins and waste’ from the body?

Toxins and waste naturally occur within the body from cell activity, but when excessive, you can feel symptoms of soreness, pain and stiffness. After an injury, swelling causes the release of waste and toxins from the unhealthy tissue.
Removal of toxins ultimately leads to muscles functioning more efficiently and smoothly! It is important to remember that after treatment, you should rehydrate!

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